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website development

The Doorman Film

The Doorman Film

The Doorman is an Melbourne-based film set against the backdrop of the city's prominent night culture. Infused with social and political themes, the film aims to explore the incessant need for acceptance within a culture obsessed with face value.

The Main Site

Design and develop a site for the upcoming film and supporting events leading up to it.

This project was actually many projects in one. First a main site was created detailing the upcoming film, showcasing the storyline. Also a secondard password-protected section was added using AngularJS as a microsite for investors for the project. This micro-site provided more detail on the project, the timeline and marketing plans.

Join the Film

Next we invited users to join the film with interactive questions that lead them into one of 3 queues.

The next part of the project was to create a step-through signup and quiz to allow site visitors to join the film as extras. We created an algorithm-based quiz to seperate the users into one of 3 different types of 'club-goers' and capture their info.

Door Auctions

As a marketing campaign and to raise funds for the film, a section was built to auction and sell doors painted by Melbourne artists.

This section of the project was built to sell and auction doors that were painted by local Melbourne artists. The auctions were time-based and when a bid was made the site sent an encrypted SendInc email with payment details. When bidding automatically ended, the highest bidder won! After the auction we switched to a 'buy it now' style. Each door has it's own information page with images, videos and an artwork gallery of each artist.

Fully responsive, so it looks great on all screens

Bootstrap framework, Video Background homepage, 100% custom design/code, jQuery interactions, sliders and carousels and more...