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Bespoke Ecommerce Site


Ensemble Wall Furniture

Wall furniture by Australian designers, makers and materials. Bed heads, bookshelves, desks, sideboards & entertainment units with 3d modelled live pricing and customisation.

Let's Bring Home Together

The Project

Develop a site that is simple to use, but packs punch with robust functionality.

Using the next.js React framework for the frontend and Node.js for the backend admin, we created a site that supports complex admin features such as custom consultant accounts with the ability for each consultant to customise the products shown, the order they appear, pricing, discounts, their logo, promotions and more
...all while keeping the frontend blazing fast, simple and painfree for the user.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

#Built-in Features

  • Custom user-types for Public, Trade, Consultant
  • Trade and Consultant users have their own site-login that displays their custom version of the site
  • Promotions, discount and product-category level pricing customisable for each user-type.
  • Multiple product categories with variable titles/descriptions/materials
  • Custom SayDuck 3d Modelling API integration with full mobile modeller.
  • Product 'variation' galleries, descriptions, labels, sizing, overview, tags.
  • Integration with Google Analytics, Hubspot API, Facebook Pixel, Hotjar, Asana API and more.
  • PDF Invoice generation with 'snapshot' images of each customised product the user builds.

#Tech stuff

  • React frontend with Node.js backend API using Typescript & Javascript
  • Vercel framework/deployment with full Bitbucket repo
  • Custom Slick Slider, Mailchimp, Asana, Hotjar, Hubspot integrations, URL writing
  • Adaptive designs for mobile users to experience the best 3d Modelling possible

Fluid design

Looks and functions perfectly across all devices.