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Ecommerce website design & development

Northshore Pools

Northshore Pools

A full service pool company offering pool and spa mainatainence, pool chemicals, mechanicals and more. We crafted the perfect tag line for them:

We'll do all the work. You have all the fun.

The Project

Design and develop an ecommerce site with fluid user experience while updating their branding.

Using Bootstrap and Angular as the foundation of the site, we developed a homepage to show visitors in a short time exactly what NS Pools does. The site was designed to give their business a personality while also being professional and user friendly.

The site uses the newest Bootstrap framework, incorporating Bolt CMS for easy addition of blog posts. The Admin and Shop portion of the site use Angular and Laravel PHP framework for fast loading pages and flexability to add new features down the road.

Technical Specs

Technical Specs

#Built-in Features

  • Real-time graphics
  • Manage your inventory, services and customers
  • Manage orders and payments
  • Receive email order notifications
  • Payment methods: credit card, debit cards and PayPal
  • Sensitive data sent via Encrypted Email (SendInc API)
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Import/Export CSV
  • Slack Integration
  • Integration with delivery services

#Tech stuff

  • Cloud Based solution
  • Laravel + Lumen + Angular 6
  • Multi language support (English, French, Spanish, Portuguese)

Secure Admin Area

Edit, add & remove products, packages, services and more

Fully responsive, so it looks great on all screens

Bootstrap framework ensuring a fantastic user experience on any device from a mobile phone to an iPad to laptop to desktop. 100% custom design/code, jQuery interactions, sliders and carousels, jQuery validated contact forms, and more...